Welcome to Beautiful Historic Savannah!

Savannah, Coastal Georgia, and the LowCountry of South Carolina are beautiful places to visit and live. They are rich in character, history, and stories. Tour and visit Savannah and walk along the cobblestones and take a step back in time. Visit the historic squares and enjoy the ambiance of southern hospitality.

Come learn the stories behind the moss curtain in our blog from why England needed an outpost in Georgia; to General Oglethorpe’s founding of Georgia; territory wars between England and Spain; the Revolutionary and Civil War; Savannah’s connection to New York City and Chicago; stories behind many of the buildings in the Historic Squares and Victorian District. Take a walk through history as you explore the cobblestones and view the sites.

Visit the pages under our “Welcome” on places to go in Savannah, Coastal Georgia, and the LowCountry of South Carolina including where the locals eat, drink and play. Find specific tourist information on family and kid friendly; historic places, ghosts, spirits, and hauntings, and fun information. Discover where Forest Gump’s bench scene was filmed and where the bench now? Also, where did the scenes from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil take place and where is the statue on the front cover (The Bird Girl) located currently?

Savannah loves its visitors! Let me know what interests you and I welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use my Contact Us page to tell us what stories  regarding Savannah, Coastal Georgia, and the LowCountry that  interest you.